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5"Now every time you eat skips, you will think of my unwashed bellend"
6"I'm not even erect. I'm very soft and very small at the moment."
7!life "im fucking a god
8!nans "i love deadnans"
9!pulled 19:00 TimeoutBan CaitRS: CallingOut, yeah just add me on skype and gimme your netflix. im broke
10!Gay "im going to suck on this"
1119:45 I_Love_Nans: @callingout your dad definitely smells your boxers
12"I wasn't expecting a little creature to come up was I?" After screaming as he saw his dog.
14"I'd love to wax the crack"
15"I find pleasure in the chewing and swallowing"
18Emily: "My hands are all sticky now."
21"It's just so sticky"
25I feel like an oily alien.
27"To be fair, I don't look that bad with the hat off do I?" ... *Emily bursts out laughing*
31"Why do I feel more comfortable in my mum's dress than I do in my own clothes?"
32"I didn't see the fucking fence" -Ian 2K15
33lets Fist eachother!
34"Emily was crawling under my desk and distracting me Kreygasm "
35'I like look Britney Spears after a 17 men gangbang.'
36'I don't have any balls'
37''oh fuck yeah that good''-ian(purespam)
38''i cum dust,my penis is a failure-purespam
4016:32 PureSpam: I'll splash all over you.
43Elliot : are you crying? emily: yes. elliot: hahahahahaahaha, now get a me a drink
44"Omg, my dicks so small."
45"I pulled my dick out and it literally looked like an acorn in a nest of twigs."
46"Back to back long boners lads."
4720:14 TimeoutBan Cactushumper53: Get off twitch you leech
48ConnerCarnifex: Drops more frames than lewis does commas and full stops
49"Is it important or can I just ignore you?"
50"Let me talk about dick, we are going to talk about dick for a bit."
51Wappanese mode
53SkidMum: "You're an asshole, you're scum. Look at this banana."
57"The black guys just look so f*cking delicious mate."
58i would reuse the condom, just give it the old rinse and wipe
59Art_Workshop: Hey Skiddler, just wanted to say my girlfriend screamed your name during sex last night. Im not mad at all :)
60"He might have a reall brown penis, but I don't care for his brown penis anymore. He can take his brown penis back to brown land." - Skiddler on GunsChilli
61"lewis you couldnt batter a mars bar" - skid
62Dirtywelsh: calling out stop sucking his ddosing dick
63"I just prefer playing with myself on stream."
64"They always die most of the time."
65"That guy looks intense, but he's going to be past tense soon. Because -we- will slay him."
66*After killing a dark souls III monster* "Can I rape him? Steal his money?"
67"Is that supposed to be a Saradomin Crossbow? I don't have one"
68'That's what I know, I think.'
69One of the most beautiful moments at the same time tho because you just sit there laying and laughing together - Purespam 06/05/2017
70"This is a fucking family friendly motherfucking stream"
71"emily am i 23?"
73"i'd use third age mage hat on slayer tasks"
74"Everybody's a little bit noncey deep down" Skiddler 2018
75"You seem like a 4 fingers kinda girl" - Elliot