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1"I'm scared"
2"Can't complain."
3"Maroon 5 is love making music."
4"If I ever get 100k followers on Twitch, I will eat a banana on stream"
5"I'm a whore, a whore trying to get by."
6"The younger the better Kreygasm "
7"Cya Idiot" - Jess
8If I get 100k followers, minecraft stream
9ianScared https://gyazo.com/f94eed16d136149b2795848d4bc801f5
10I hate when I'm almost out of camera.
11I want to climb Ian's muscly body like a tree. -Jess2015
12How do you like your eggs in the morning? Fertilized. ianThirst
13"I have a 200 word essay due tomorrow but I can't stop watching, what do i do guys?" -Froobs15
14it's because Greg is black
15"I love going deep with friends" Keepo
16"Ian, I love your seal laugh" GenerationW
17"I really need to start doing my hair before I stream" - Ian 2k15
18"Rogues den is the place in um, the other place"
19"ian use the d long please" - jess
20Wiggled #1 - Nils 2k15
21"Whenever I reach 100k followers, I'll play the drums" - Ian
22Are you shitting me?
23"I'm just good" -CallingOut
24"I didn't mean to die" -CallingOut
25"Luckily I got lucky." - CallingOut 2K15
26"omg he can open doors!?"
27I'm not whiney. - Ian
28forget ags, bgs pure all the way Kappa
29"I love this d long" KappaPride
30How to be in a good mood; tell yourself every morning you're in a good mood. - https://twitter.com/ianspam/status/524440375529050112
31"Mijn naam is Ian, ooit kom ik uit de kast."
32no sorry mate, i'm opening boxes! Perm ban in stream - Ian @scorpia
33"My name is Ian, one day I will come out of the closet"
34"I want to climb ian's muscly body like a tree" - jess
35"Do your grenades really go further when you take your pants off?"
36"Shall we buy a drawer on stream?!?"
37I showed Jess what a creampie was - Ian2015
38"What's FF7?"
39This erection would *** you up.
40"My room is unbelievably clean"
41It's just so ridiculously big.
42How bad am I this game?
43"My bladder is so weak today"
44"Yes, that is my dildo that I use daily"
45"I love kids PedoBear "
46"TheRealD0cTube has gone live, rip all my viewers"
47"He can't axe the 55" *Boom 55* *** you." -Ian
48"Say neigh to gambling!"
49"I just can't finish him off"
50"Is that my internet or is that just me" - ian on dcing
51"This guy is bad man" - "I'm dead"
52"I like to brutally beat my self with a bears arm" - Neonscat
53Fish are friends, not food.
54"I'm not a monster, I'm just a pker trying to make a living"
55"D0c is a good pker"
56"ians laugh sounds like squeezing a clowns nose" - R__Slickers
57"wow jess"
58Never mix noodles and coffee - Jess
59"Woopsie Daisies"
60"I don't speak Japanese, I'm not a weebaboo"
62"No I am completely heterosexual"
63"Do you see me trying to suck *** on stream?"
64"I'm not even denying Im a flaming homosexual" - ThePlebz 2K15
65"What a little bitch"
66"Get the *** out of the wilderness, kid"
67"Butt *** it. Did I just say that?"
68"I'm 3 def like you" - Jess
69"Don't you dare scam me, cunt"
70"If ThePlebz wins again I'm killing myself" - FearMe__ *ThePlebz wins*
71"I'm dead"
72"Why the pink boots? They give positive KappaPride bonus."
73"Why is it always the 73, it's always the *** 73"
75"I'm out of food" - Ian while playing halo
76"I'm in a very sticky situation FeelsGoodMan "
77"I've been known to spoon many times"
78"Sorry for waking you up with the D"
79"My mouse is so *** high right now"
80"I will tank venom, no big deal." *after getting venomed constantly* "Ok I'll bring a venom pot."
81"I dont know how long i'd go for, I really dont"
82"Orichalcum.. HA! CUM"
83"Dat *** doe"
84"That wasn't even scary" *Screams*
85"I feel a stone lighter"
87"Really? This quest is to get to green dragons?"
88"wine berries"
89"Oh my god Jess you're so long! Kreygasm "
90#RuneLoader4WayOut, Also get a cold jesper
91"What's mahogany? Oh, monogamy.... I'm such a slut that word isn't even in my vocabulary." -Ian2015
92"Everyone dies."
93"I like to drink the tea because it makes me feel better. Because I'm ill in real life, so I'm getting better in game as well"
94Swag Cheese Boots - JessicaonRS 2k15
95If you ever want to seduce a girl, play taylor swift - Jess
96"im a massive slut"
97"Jess is always coming for me"
98"Where'd he go? Where'd he go? Where'd he go? Where'd he go? Where'd he go? Where'd he go? Where'd he go?"
99"I was waiting for it to come"
100"Jess is a money hungry SLUT!" -Ian 2K15
101"You're a morin"
102"I want that package"
103https://gyazo.com/51021a855e774f2a9602c2004c5e6c79 PJSalt - eggbeard
104"I hear you, what did you say?"
105"yes jess I can get naked for you"
106"I just hate that FeelsBadMan emote. It just makes me feel bad."
107"there we go, looking swagalicious"
108"im gonna *** pound the *** out of him" KappaPride
109"5K pls."
110"No space for spaces"
111"could do"
112"I'm a *** pker" - Purespam 2015
113"this pk session made my balls dripping" - Skiddlerrs 2k15
114"If only I had a recoil amulet on"
115"just growing my beard out a bit" - ian 2012-2016
117"I'm a steel pure!!!1111"
119"I'm never getting 10 defense."
120"Cheers for the whipping there ;)"
122"april comes before march" - The_rebuild
123"I love the taste of poo particles"
124"When you hit it you know it's going to feel good especially when you know it's going to come"
125"It is very dead in Deadman mode 4Head "
126Next Summer I plan to have an AGS on my Pure ironman.
127"I DONT GET THIS GAME, HONESTLY!!!!" - Ian 2016
129"You got that off imgur or something" - ian on an imgur link with 1.2m views
130"I'm not attracted to the opposite sex, but it shouldn't bother you mate, it's the 21st century" - https://www.livecap.tv/t/purespam/uejyWPDSnIM
131Once it's perfected it'll be perfect.
132"That's so cool, you can make polls with strawpoll 4Head" - ian 2016
133"I've already given the guy my bone" - Ian
134"I've never killed an abby whip in my entire 10+ years of runescape"
136"I pride myself in how much I can take" KappaPride
137"Ooh monkey nuts, my favorite!"
138"Ooh, midgets!"
139"Time flies when you're having fun!"
140"I'm not mormon I'm not amish. My name is Ian, welcome to the stream"
141"In the next year or two I will max" - Ian 13-01-2017
142"Nooo!! My sack is full FeelsBadMan "
143"i'm not gonna die during monkey madness 2"
144if i didn't die to that i would've survived