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1"I actually collect cars like this!" *flips car*
2"I can dodge every car" *Instantly rams two cars*
3"It's tiny... I hate it"
4"I just like killing people"
5"I want to watch him burn"
6"I did just die myself to death"
7"I can't get it up!"
8"If he gets ontop of me again itll be really good" - B0aty 2k15
9"I like dead people boatyDrugs "
10"What does guidance totem mean?"
11"I'm too good at dodging" *gets shot and dies*
12"Anyone could be stood behind a tree and see me cum"
13"everything about this kill is perfect" *instantly dies*
14"Oooh, I might hit the church"
15"I like to kill people in the head"
16"Show me yourself"
17"Is this me? https://pbs.twimg.com/media/COtb_gFW8AAP9sL.jpg:large " -B0aty
18"I'll only know who they are if I know who they are"
19"Come on bro, gimme head"
20"How can you kill everyone and get away with it? I'd love to know!"
21"Guys... Sorry for the early finish.."
22"we love the harpoon" - B0aty 2k15
23"Let's not drink any by mistake" *instantly drinks one*
24"Normally you log out before you change worlds"
25"If he killed me, I would've died there"
26"I'm going full time streamer" 4Head
27"Well he can go back to the freaking street then!" - Drunk B0aty
28"I would have to fuck Emily because she's a grill" - B0aty
29"I thought Scandinavia was a country..." - B0aty
30"My parents had fish food that was actually really good" - B0aty 2k16...
31" SwiftRage I CANT READ BIG WORDS! SwiftRage "
32"Mate i'm becoming full time slave"
33"I want it hard"
34"I'm always really high"
35"Tiny bit in the head there"
36"Ahh, it exploded! Kreygasm "
37"I will get construction after 99 Crafting" - B0aty with 99 crafting