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1"I'm gay of course my fingers are faster" - yooglegoo
2it's all coming up my face- abi
3"I swallowed it all" - AbiChilli
4"Hello nude people" - AbiChilli
5"Because he likes to beat me" (about Jack)
6"Time to Kill Kittens" - @AbiChilli
7"I fuck everything" - Abichilli
8"Hi, I'm Abi and I can't open FUCKING DOORS" - Abi
9"Did you dye your hair again? It looks like someone's been massacred in the toilet" - Tom
10"I tweeted when Ian fingered me, it was a rare moment" - AbiChilli
11"I'm so drunk and wet in that gyazo" -Abichilli
12"Zimbabwe, isn't that in New Zealand?" - @Abichilli
13"Send me a picture of your muffins!" - Abichilli