xsparrow's Commands

This page displays all the commands for xsparrow.



!bacchttps://redmond-flats.weebly.com/the-build-a-city-challenge.html - rules to the build a city challenge I'm doing
!dinnerIf I have to go make dinner, I'll probably have to go but I really wanna finish a run tonight so stay with me and watch me try not to reset
!flatmatesSparrow has flatmates who live with her at uni. If you think she's being shy this is why so yell at her if you want OMEGALUL
!giveloveSuccessfully given {channel} your love.
!hiddensplitsI've hidden my splits because I play better without them and am less likely to reset. Please try to refrain from telling me what they are, thanks :)
!lennyDon't ignore Lenny, please FeelsLennyMan
!love{channel} has been given {count} loves.
!muteAs I am at home for the holidays, I have family members who will walk in (Despite knowing I'm streaming) and start talking, so if I mute all of a sudden it's that. If I forget to mute, let me know
!notstreamI'm playing jackbox with the LiquidWiFi community since he's not streaming today. We're all in voice chat
!scheduleLmao what's a schedule
!subgoalAt 30 subs, Sparrow will do an 8 hour stream of various games to show her appreciation
!typoSparrow Typos, yes
-ul=moderator!Lenny Sparrow has missed Lenny $(count) times FeelsLennyMan