bjorn_osrs's Commands

This page displays all the commands for bjorn_osrs.



!altProfit: 1.75m/hr // Stats: // Gear: // Quest list:
!bttvIf you are unable to see emotes like 'KKona' or 'RareWoox', download BTTV for Chrome and enable 'BTTV Emotes and BTTV GIF Emotes' in the settings:
!currentgoal2,500 Zulrah loot tab (10,000 total KC)
!discordThe Discord is inactive and only there for subscribers to be able to use our emotes in other channels:
!goalsLoot tabs of various bosses, 200m cooking (wines), Zmi running (!runners) & Infernal Cape.
!keyboardRazer Ornata Chrome RZ03-0204
!love/me {name} loves the radio.
!mixesDnB: // Trance:
!mouseLogitech G403 (900 dpi, 6/11 Windows sensitivity, precision unticked)
!petsRift Guardian (Runecrafting), Heron (Fishing), Giant squirrel (Agility), Beaver (Woodcutting), Rock Golem (Mining) Tangleroot (Farming) and Pet snakeling (Zulrah)
!playlistDnB: // Liquicity: // Trance: // Hardstyle: // Laptop: // PK: // Brothers:
!runnersIf you'd like to be a runner you need to have 75+ RC, rune pouch and Lunar spellbook. Hey_Jase pays 3.5m gp/hr. DM him on Discord or contact him in his CC 'Hey_Jase'.
!statsMain: // Alt:
!vmDiscord: // Xp/hr 70-85k // Req: 70 Mining, 150 Kudos, built Museum Camp