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?{count} ERICA SUBS DAESuppy
!2x2boatyVV1 boatyVV2 {NEW} boatyVV3 boatyVV4
!3x3Jebaited No 3x3 boatyVV yet Jebaited
!afk{sender} is now AFK! :(
!alishaAlisha Kill Count: {count}
!back{sender} is now back in the chat! :)
!baconeffectHoly moly BaconEffect https://clips.twitch.tv/StrongEnjoyableMetalKeepo
!badges/me New badges will arrive soon: tinyurl.com/BadgesB0aty
!barrows/me Missing items: Guthan's chainskirt, Dharok's platebody, Dharok's greataxe
!BeltSpecsboaty1 boatyD boatyR / boaty1{NEW}boaty1 boatyU boatyG / boaty1
!bjorn?? boatyVV *smack*
!brb@{sender} will be right back! :)
!bttv@{sender} If you are unable to see emotes like 'KKona' or 'RareWoox', download BTTV for Chrome and enable 'BTTV Emotes and BTTV GIF Emotes' in the settings: https://nightdev.com/betterttv/
!callstaffStaff's have been called to the chat, please wait.
!chilah@{sender} 40x40 Shrine PogChamp // https://gyazo.com/74ea27ef14bfcc0c5934c0ae733dadeb PogChamp //
!clientB0aty uses the RuneLite client (no plug-ins): https://runelite.net/
!clock@I_have_a_big_clock 4Head https://i.imgur.com/nkRvHTn.jpg
!cucumberhttps://clips.twitch.tv/DifferentProtectiveLasagnaTooSpicy KappaPride
!deathcounterDeaths: 0
!delay/me There is currently no delay.
!discord@{sender} B0aty's official discord! https://discord.gg/wqgQ4dC
!dpi/me B0aty plays on 800 dpi and 6/11 windows sensitivity.
!emily3https://clips.twitch.tv/AcceptableGrossCormorantDBstyle FeelsGoodMan Clap
!erica24The walk to Jim's cabin seemed much longer to Erica as the butt plug seemed to fuck her ass with each step. They arrived at the cabin and as they entered, Jim instructed, "Sit down over there," as he pointed to a hard chair by his desk. Erica wanted to protest but thought better of it. She gingerly sat on the chair. The action seemed to drive the butt plug even deeper. It didn't hurt but Erica longed for the intruder to be removed so things would feel "normal" again
!erica26Ladies and gentleman, the impossible has happend: https://gyazo.com/47d0afb3ff13e32fbd13ae3913d88af7
!erica27today is a great day, https://twitter.com/HCIM_Deaths/status/941153973234434049 ?? Clap @MAGICTHEBLATHERING
!erica29They say that Erica Richards is one of the most diverse talents in the film industry. Not only is he a famous director, having created the movie 'My first ass gaping', his diverse range of acting talents has been showcased in such classics as 'Best black cock' and 'Miss my horse dildo'. @MAGICTHEBLATHERING
!erica5@{sender} http://imgur.com/bd757xk
!erica6http://i.imgur.com/bd757xk.jpg Real Grill Erica Kreygasm
!erica69Still a girl
!erika5@{sender} http://imgur.com/bd757xk
!erika6http://i.imgur.com/bd757xk.jpg Real Grill Erica Kreygasm
!feedwhaleSuccessfully fed a whale.
!finessingM8 you don't even deserve the kill bro it is what it is at the end of the day this game takes HUGE FAT STEAMY DUMPS on my fkn head bro and I hate it! I FKN HATE IT BRO! Where is specs' RNG man I'm sAT THERE Clap AB-SO-LUTE-LY FI-NES-SING THE CUNT and I don't get shit for it ever, fuck off, whatever. Guy sits there and he 115s in brid and he specs me his ags into gmaul, THROUGH THE PRAYER might I add. Doesn't matter. Doesn't fkn matter. Prayer means fk all on this game. Sad. Sad. Sad scam game.
!followage/me Click on your name to see the length you followed and subscribed.
!followedType /followed to see how long you have been followed. This is for BTTV-users only: !bttv
!fulltimeFull-time employment is employment in which a person works a minimum number of hours defined as such by his/her employer. Full-time employment often comes with benefits that are not typically offered to part-time, temporary, or flexible workers, such as annual leave, sickleave, and health insurance. 4Head
!GilletteProud to announce that we are sponsored by Gillette and will be representing the UK in the Gillette Gaming Alliance! Check it out here: http://opg.to/B0aty-Gillette
!gingerGingers are odd animals that steal your soul by looking at you for long periods of time, Spam boatyVV for immunity
!goals/me HCIM: Questing, Slayer grind // IM: DHL, Zilyana (Acb, Sgs), All ToB items
!got/me Game of Thrones has been finished, we will continue watching on the release of season 8.
!grillboatyD boatyR {NEW} boatyU boatyG
!guide/me Efficient Pure quest list: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1erY9HyJTFZy0OuS91JOOTElatOwjIjCsPip-xXvMm8U/edit
!harpoonwhaleYou attempt to harpoon the whale. You harpoon yourself THROUGH YOUR EYE BITCH
!headphones/me B0aty uses Focal Clear Headphones: tinyurl.com/FocalClear
!headset/me B0aty uses Focal Clear Headphones: tinyurl.com/FocalClear
!howlongType /followed to see how long you have been followed. This is for BTTV-users only: !bttv
!hydra/me 1x Hydra's heart, 1x Hydra's fang, 1x Hydra's tail, 2x Hydra's eye
!icfsCompleted in 27 attempts: https://clips.twitch.tv/OilyCourageousDillNinjaGrumpy boatyVV
!imgayChat is moving so fast no one will know {sender} is gay. KappaPride
!instagramB0T0's InstaSMOrc is: instagram.com/TheB0aty haHAA
!jasaikuNaM https://i.imgur.com/WPD0uXs.png
!jasaiku2https://gyazo.com/a0eac8045d51487ff85dff3018b41d0c "Is that monni?" - Skillspecs
!killgingerGinger Kill Count: {count} FeelsGoodMan !
!killmods{count} mods have now been slain. Thanks {sender}!
!magictheblatheringboatyDrugs SHE HAS ARRIVED boatyDrugs THE GIRL FROM AMERICA boatyDrugs @magictheblathering boatyDrugs WE CALL HER ERICA boatyDrugs
!metMetal "Dominik" proz (born test tube, 1995) is a German white supremacist and failed World War 2 experiment. After spending many years as a frozen embryo he is now a live-streamer on Twitch where he constantly says 'it' and regularly salutes Hitler. Although we think this is not intentional and is just a mere side-effect of the period of time he spent in cyrogenic storage. @MAGICTHEBLATHERING NaM
!MetSpecsboatySpecs https://clips.twitch.tv/CuteAthleticAlpacaTwitchRaid
!mouse/me B0aty uses a Logitech G Pro Wireless: https://amzn.to/2C8lAi0
!MrhijdenSwiftRage /
!nightblathersNight blathers magictW and now the instruments begin magictW they shall not end until my death magictW I shall own no laptop magictW I shall listen to no boris magictW I shall donate no bits magictW and gift no subs magictW I shall pipe and get banned magictW I am the chisel in the darkness magictW I am the memer in the chat magictW I pledge my life and honor to trolling magictW for this stream and all streams to come magictW
!offlyne/me Offlyne will continue with Game of Thrones soon, check !GOT for exact info. // Informative sheet https://goo.gl/8Rc4Cu // To remove reactions - !rabbreactions !rabbchat
!offlynecc/me "Offlynechat" is a RS Clan chat for those that want to extend offlyne to their OSRS or RS3 gameplay, it isn't an actual clan but it is there so that offlyne can see who plays the game, and do things together, answer eachothers questions and discuss the game outside of Twitch, this is an extension of the offlyne twitch chat, and not a replacement, feel free to join if you'd like, everyone is welcome boatyH
!offlynecraftOfflyneCraft "Vanilla" and "FTB Revelations" are urrently live, contact an offlyne member for the IP addresses.
!phishing/me Please be aware that any kind of quitting or double exp stream in the OSRS category is fake: https://imgur.com/gallery/lHv3t0h
!pitchforkwhaleboaty1 boaty2 + boatyWhale = boatyPitchfork You are now one of the {count} whale hunters, {sender}.
!playlist/me Main: tinyurl.com/B0atyPL1 // VVKool: tinyurl.com/B0atyPL2 // Swarpers: tinyurl.com/B0atyPL3 // 10/10 DnB: tinyurl.com/B0atyPL4
!pure/me Cementmixer3 will be a 1 defence pk account // Build: tinyurl.com/B0atyPure // Current stats: !stats
!qwaakyDuckerZ 4Head /
!rabbchatTo remove Rabbit chat, use the theater mode or put the following Lyne in to the console \ $(".videoChatView").removeClass("chatOpen").addClass("chatClosed");
!rabbreactions/me https://i.imgur.com/FcyElzj.png // $('.reactionsOverlay').hide(); $('.reactionsMenu').hide();
!rapgod@{sender} https://clips.twitch.tv/b0aty/StupidLeopardPicoMause
!RareDrugsRareParrot + boatyDrugs = RareDrugs
!rct/me RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic (available on Steam) // Current park & objective: Venus Ponds. Guests: 1600; Rating: 600; Date: October 31, Year 4 ??
!royalhttps://twitter.com/B0atyOSRS/status/941369393669394432 ?? \ boatyVV *wears*
!rules/me Goolooglia is a HCIM, restricted to OSRS content pre-October 2013, with the goal of completing GWD.
!sekirotrigger? FeelsGoodMan Clap ? FeelsGoodMan Clap ? FeelsGoodMan Clap ? FeelsGoodMan Clap ? FeelsGoodMan Clap ? FeelsGoodMan Clap
!setup@{sender} Setup as of July 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBnrCIeRM9Q
!shirt/me True Enthusiast Shirt: 1st Concept (not final). July release. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/423727502347993088/569306069780660233/Photoshop_2019-04-20_16-38-43.png ?? boatyVV
!skillplebGood Fight man,... GOOD FIGHT Man... i'm actually fuking sad, why would you ah, wot the fok?? we didnt even pk!! NAAAAH MAN, ooooooaaahhh... NAAAAH im actually triggered WOOOOOOAAAAAAAH.. uuuuuufff my fukcing god Naaah that's so unfaaair. why the fok every other time it works?? i can teleport jus like THAT! WOT WOS WRONG? DID I HAVE AUTO RETALIATE ON OR SOMETHING?? no it wa- naaaah wot de fok?? boatySpecs
!skillspecsGood night friends, been a pleasure. boatySpecs https://clips.twitch.tv/RichDrabPieStoneLightning
!skillspecs17Starts at 00:20 https://clips.twitch.tv/FineSpinelessSowSuperVinlin
!skipSKIP SMOrc
!smackhttps://gyazo.com/3e28c7e7c34cf942806311d23109ba1f ?? boatyVV *smack* - by AlmostFrancis
!snapchatAdam's snapchat is Adamlyne94
!sodapressinboatySpecs fuck off man, thats sooooooo depressing, ooooh you've got no ideaaaa ooooeh ahhhh.. oh myyy oh myyy godd.. you're such a fucking... oh my goood i wanna smash the fock out of everything in this fucking * smashing in background* ahhh oehhh oeeeh my god oh my christ, oeeh aaahh * slap * oeehh aaahh you fucking .... little fucking pussyfart fucking oehhh boatySpecs
!stats/me HCIM: tinyurl.com/Goolooglia // Pure: tinyurl.com/Cementmixer3 // Ironman: tinyurl.com/Skroomoomlie // Main: tinyurl.com/B0atymain
!subsong/me Glue: https://youtu.be/A7ZxRs45tTg // Spoken Word: https://youtu.be/EoZrh_ckzaA // 'RageVV' song: https://youtu.be/VG8hI_5R2tw // Manchester: https://youtu.be/q8Vfrijhg48 // Anjuna: https://youtu.be/8GTx4BUFAFg
!swedebadassSMOrc 73
!thoseones?? Those ones! It goes like this boatyVV ?? oh you've dodged it? Hello! ?? What do I do, it's so annoyin' ?? ! I see ?? the attack so I dodge ?? , oh mate...I see the attack so I dodge ?? , just holds it in the air ?? for like 20 seconds ?? , I'm in a new position, just turns around 180 degrees ?? and hits me in the face boatyVV , and I'm at there spamming circle ? to try and dodge it! ??
!time/me {time:Europe/London}
!tjscouserhttps://imgur.com/iKncmbX @TJSCOUSER_
!today/me HCIM: !rules !goals !mask // Pure: !pure !stats // IM: !death !hydra !infernal !tbow !goals // !phishing !shirt
!triggerFeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap FeelsGoodMan Clap
!triggeredI'm dead! What a terrible start to the stream. I'm dead I'm dead I'm dead I'm fucking dead..... FUCK. Good fight man, there's nothing I can do. What a shit way to go down. What a shit way to go down, man. Oh, it triggers me sooo much. Oh, I died to some little fucking peasant boy. Oh my god, I want to smash everything, fam. It triggers me, it fucking triggers me. Ooooh my god, it's fucking sooo retarded fam. boatySpecs
!twitchstats@{sender} https://stats.streamelements.com/c/b0aty
!unsubOn behalf of the chat, thank you for deciding to unsub: https://gyazo.com/0b45360f5affd6573a4af17b9669ad90 boatyVV
!vvcounter/me Milestones: 31/07/2017: 100,000 || 13/01/2018: 150,000 || 03/10/2018: 200,000 || 22/03/2019: 250,000 https://i.imgur.com/nlvYqJx.png boatyVV ??
!vvofthedayThe VV of the day has now changed to !vvofthemonth
!vvofthemonthYommi boatyVV
!whalesfed{count} whales have been fed.
#voteangie{sender} Has voted for Angie. {uniquecount} People(s) have also voted for Angie.
#voteannie{sender} Has voted for Annie. {uniquecount} People(s) have also voted for Annie.
#voteerica{sender} has voted for Erica. {count} People(s) have also voted for Erica.
#votejess{sender} Has voted for Jess. {count} People(s) have also voted for Jess
Alive_Whales_In_LavaboatyDrugs boatyMC
boatyVVboatyVV {count}
JesperTriHard // ?? YOINK
saveSAVE SMOrc
SMOrcSMOrc {count}
spoilersboatyS boatySS BAN