About Us

The AOAAGoldBot team is currently a partnership of two developers of different areas, working together to create various products and services. The partnership started to assist the AOAAGold twitch team, by creating a custom chat moderation bot. Through the bot becoming known due to the AOAAGold streams, we started getting requests for the bot to be in other people's streams. Thus ZHBot was born.

The two developers in the AOAAGoldBot team are Proddy & Zero.

The team was started after Proddy3 created a custom chat bot as a learning experience. It was demonstrated in B0aty's chat, which caught the attention of Zero. Zero got in contact with Proddy, and the team was born. Over the course of the next month or two, working together and with the AOAAGold team, AOAAGoldBot was gradually created and improved to the standard it is now.

After making the AOAAGoldBot public with ZHBot, the team started branching off into different areas, though always staying within the realm of twitch. This started with the JustGivingDonations program for B0aty's charity livestream, then expanding as various streamers requested things, such as the Twitch Energy98 Song.

Now the team are expanding further. We're starting to develop bukkit/spigot plugins. We're taking requests from the public of (almost) anything to make.

If you have any queries or requests, please email aoaagoldbot@gmail.com. Thank you.